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A key to a chids academic success starts at home.  EZ-Egenda recognizes this and provides the tools necessary for parents to follow their childs progress.  Imagine seeing your childs test or assignment results even before they see it...  Imagine viewing your childs progress in every subject throughout the year...  Imagine viewing your childs homework, tests or assignments up to a year in advance....  Imagine seeing how your child is doing relative to the rest of the class... Imagine being able to see your childs progress on any subject from the beginning of the year to present...  Imagine viewing your child homework schedule on a day-to-day basis...  Imagine logging in and viewing recent marks...  Imagine communication with your childs teacher in a secure environment...  Imagine no more.  EZ-Egenda can provide all of these features plus more and allow a parent to get involved with their childs academic growth.  Know how your child is doing and give them the help they need.  Contact Us today for a demonstration of all the features our Parents section has to offer.

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