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A teachers job gets more demanding year after year.  EZ-Egenda makes their job a little easier by giving them a place to plan out their class schedule for tests, assignment and homework up to a year in advance.  The system is so smart, once a teacher enters a test or assignment once, EZ-Egend remembers it so that for next years class, they won't have to re-enter the information all over again!   Each task the teacher assigns will allow the teacher to enter in specific information like task name, description as well as how many marks the particular task is worth.  Once the teacher has graded the task, all the teacher has to do is click on the calendar where the task is and enter in the marks.  It's that easy.  EZ-Egenda even provides statistics on every child for anything that is graded. This feature will allow the teacher to view statistics based on a student or subject and use this information to evaluate a students progress.  Contact Us today for a demonstration of all the features our backend Teachers section has to offer. 

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