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EZ E-genda is a great tool for today's teacher.  We understand the immense responsibility and busy schedules teachers face on a day to day basis.  With that in mind, EZ E-genda was specifically designed to be simple, quick and easy to use.  Because the system is completely web based, access to the system can be done anywhere and anytime.  Whether it be at school or in the comfort of your own home, EZ E-genda allows you to view, edit, add or remove tasks, assignments and/or scores and gives you the option of planing out a schedule up to a year in advance quickly and effortlessly.  View your EZ E-genda calendar to see specific dates of when you announced projects and when a project is due.  Through statistics and bar graphs you can easily compare your students based on test scores, assignments or overall progress!  EZ E-genda includes comments boxes to write comments directly to parents about test scores or to set up a one-on-one meeting.  With EZ E-genda, you’re helping parents help you help your students.


On your laptop or computer at work, take a few minutes to log into your own secured account and see what your child received on last weeks math test; see what your child has for homework this week; or see exactly what projects are due for next month. Parents can now view exactly what their child has for homework, details of assignments and when the assignments are due.  This information comes directly from the teachers schedule therefore eliminating any miscommunication that may occur.  View class calendars to see which projects and/or tests will be assigned before your child does! You can compare your child’s progress to the rest of the class and never be misinformed when it comes to class announcements or school bulletins. With EZ E-genda, know what is going on with your child's progress and provide them with the assistance they need to become academically successful.  The more information and communication you have with your child, the more successful they will be!

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